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Process Integration

Alexei Isaev

The Russian Rocket

Alexei has never met a development challenge he couldn’t conquer and he can stare down even the most daunting technical problem with his cool gaze. Alexei earned a Master’s Degree from Novosibirsk State University in both Computer Science and Physics and since the ‘90s has been developing any and every kind of solution you can imagine for SAP clients.

He is a master in ABAP, Java, C++, and Web Dynpro, just to name a few, and now is taking SAP where few have taken it before… to mobile devices. Alexei can crank out a program faster than anyone we’ve ever heard of, whether it’s a bit of ABAP to enhance a standard function or a complex custom solution to forecast inventory demands.

Like the rocket he’s nicknamed for, it’s hard to keep your eye on him…we rarely see him in the office but our customers enjoy the benefit of his work every day. When he does visit, he keeps his jacket on and his briefcase on his shoulder so he can dash back to his work when the meeting’s done. When he’s not zipping through code, he enjoys capturing beautiful images through his photography and time in Davis with his wife and son. And word on the street is that it really is him we’ve seen walking through every part of San Francisco.