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Ann Foley

Communication Guru or Grammar Freak?

Ann’s career has grown from her ability to build bridges of communication between those loveable tech geeks and the business people who are wondering what they just said. While she provides project management and training services to our clients, she has earned the unofficial title of “Communication Guru” in the team. She tries very hard to be polite and not be too freaky about grammar in meetings but you will see a slight flinch on her face when a poor defenseless word is mistreated. And when an obscure acronym is left undefined, she can’t help but blurt out a definition.

Ann has been in the software and technology field since 1992 and has played a variety of roles from support to training to project management and technology operations management. Ann has been managing SAP projects since 2005 utilizing both waterfall and agile methodologies and her forte is in not only steering the project to completion but in guiding the customer and the technical team toward the solution that will best optimize business processes.

Outside of work Ann enjoys playing more with words (reading, writing) and spending time with her husband and daughter.