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Radhakrishna Kamath

Don't overcook those vegetables!

At first glance, Radhakrishna is pleasant and mild-mannered but don’t get him started about the erroneousness of mushy veggies or the exasperation of working (in the past!) for a huge bureaucratic company. Radhakrishna happily joined BestXperts for the opportunity to be more than just a cog in the machine.

Radhakrishna chased his bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering with an MBA and now has over 20 years of experience in the analysis and design of business applications, primarily using SAP. He not only understands SAP but also quickly grasps the business that he’s supporting and ensures he knows the practical needs of his customer as he designs solutions for them.

He enjoys a good home-cooked meal with his family where the vegetables are the perfect al dente texture and he secretly worries about the dorm-food mush his daughter will have to eat when she heads off to college soon.