Architect, Co-founder

Architect, Co-founder


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Anton Karnaukhov

I'll sleep when I'm 40

The boy wonder from Russia is a man now but still has the energy of the 19 year old college grad who joined the company years ago. Anton has been building business solutions in SAP since 2000 and earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2006.

By day, Anton guides customers through process improvements, designs business solutions, trains ERP analysts, configures multiple functional areas of SAP, and is a leader for the team. At night, as evidenced by the disarmingly well-thought out missives we peruse the next day while we drink our morning coffee, he dreams up new business plans for BestXperts, builds websites, does graphic design, creates new project management methodologies and more.

Our own renaissance man has an eye for photography as well, although with his lovely wife and daughter as his primary subjects, it’s hard to mess up. Oh, and he spins great stories about the contrasts between Russian and American culture, too – ask him the one about the beef tongue…