President, Co-founder

President, Co-founder


Strategic Consulting
IT Management

Mike O'Dell

Never forget: we're business people first.

Mike has an excellent eye for talent and when he finds someone who can deliver 110%, he hires them and then challenges them to deliver 200% instead. And, to their own amazement, they do just that.

With an uncanny knowledge of each of this team members’ areas of expertise and a knack for creating strange nicknames (“Boot Scoot”? “Buckaroo Boparai”?), Mike ensures that the BestXperts team always makes a difference for our clients.  He insists upon adaptability, superior skills, the ability to get things done quickly and well, and above all, never forgetting that the technology we provide is there to serve a business need.

Clients appreciate that Mike is a straight-shooter and that he believes that an honest, realistic recommendation is more important than worrying about ruffled feathers.  Mike’s ability to fly at the strategic level and then dive-bomb into the details when needed was fed by his time in the Marines, his degree and experience in engineering, and from over 20 years of leading large ERP implementations. He is a very active member of the SAP community and is a current member, and former chair, on the board of the Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG).

At home, Mike’s attentions are held by his energetic young son, Joey, and the projects his wife (a fellow-engineer) takes on. If you see a newly refurbished vintage Airstream-like trailer flying down Highway 50 in NorCal, it’s a good chance that will be Mike’s wife, Jody, driving and the passengers will be their four kids.