Who We Are

Xpertminds is a team of experienced ERP practitioners focused on implementations that promote growth within existing companies. 

Our Story

In 2008, an IT department was faced with a decision; Either we downsize our team, or we find a better way to serve our customers. This decision bred the innovative Agile methodology that Xpertminds implements today to revolutionize the way that our consultants work for you.

When we take on a client, we are seeking not to just get things done, but to partner with you in everything we do.

XpertMinds began as BestXperts in 2008, the year building materials industry had plummeted. In lieu of dismantling a team that we had spent 8 years building, we found a way around layoffs by selling our experience as consultants to other companies. We gradually worked our way into implementations focusing on optimizing our Agile methodology.

We not only kept an innovative and growing team together but also managed to progress into subject matter experts and in 2013, as the industry recovered, our team became officially independent. This was the backbone for everything we have since become, self funded so we could continue to serve our customers the way we would like to be served.

There exists a flawed perception of how an ERP consultant is meant to perform, and we dare to challenge that. At Xpertminds, our Agile focus is not only on getting the job done as effectively and as efficiently as possible, but also on utilizing every opportunity to expand, learn and build a better team, both for us and for our customers. Our reward is not based on each individual job, but on our ability to exceed  expectations. When we take on a client, we are seeking not to just get things done, but to partner with you in everything we do. Every contract offers a unique learning experience, and we take full advantage by learning from you, learning with you, and sharing our knowledge.

With 20+ years of experience with ERP, we strive to perfect the art of system implementations. Our Agile approach is focused on hitting the target the first time saving not only time, but money while achieving the project’s goals. Our business has thrived on customer recommendations, so much so that we don’t even have a Sales team. We began with our first customer, a 3 month fixed-price bid, and a goal to implement FI, CO, SD, MM, and HR. We completed on time, on budget, and have been hired by that same person at two additional companies since, with repeat business. 

Our goal at Xpertminds is to change the way that companies regard SAP implementations. Instead of dread, we bring excitement that the journey will be successful and your business will thrive.