See results faster.  

Stop compromising scope and value.

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Agility & Practicality


The MindWave Methodology for SAP implementations utilizes the best aspects of Agile and ASAP methodologies ensuring solutions match business needs, and projects are done faster and at lower cost.

MindWave project team members know
specifically what to focus on each day and are dedicated to the overall progress of the team, not just their own individual tasks.

Best Practices

See tangible examples of your new solutions with our use of Best Practice solutions from SAP.  You'll be able to visualize your new processes and make design decisions with confidence - and speed up development time. 

See the solution process designs in action for the first time within weeks, not months.

Share Knowledge, Share Power

Knowledge is Power

Business staff need to know the new solutions will fit their needs. Technology staff need to be prepared to support and enhance the system for the long-run.

If you want to build deep knowledge in-house, we will provide mentoring to your IT team that includes on-the-job training and coaching as well as the creation of a curriculum for formal SAP training. 

If your strategy is to outsource system support, XpertMinds will instill the proper IT Helpdesk processes and tools for seamless transition.

Our project managers make sure that everyone involved is well-informed to reduce discomfort about upcoming changes and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Your executive sponsors will always have a clear line of sight into project progress and costs.

Our recommended agile project management software package is Target Process and we provide training to project teams on the use of this methodology and tool.