Architect, Co-founder

Architect, Co-founder


Transportation Management

Randy Subryan

Jersey Boy

Randy came to California by way of England and then New Jersey so he mixes Jersey boy street-smarts with very fine British-taught handwriting and he is quite certain color is spelled colour. Given our jealousy of his handwriting and that black belt in Karate that he holds, we apologise for our misspellings and move on, particularly since he is our favourite systems architect.

Randy has a degree in information systems and has been working on SAP since 1993 and is able to design systems architectures at the highest level and then dive down into the details and bring up new servers, launch new SAP implementations and portal environments, handle an upgrade or investigate operational problems. His ability to work at every level and to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical staff means our clients often want him to stay available long after the initial engagement, for ongoing consultation and advice.

We suspect Randy adheres to Thomas Edison’s sleep habits by taking only occasional catnaps because he responds to emails any time of the day or night. That also leaves him with plenty of time to spend with his wife and son.