We are passionate about
doing things right for our customers.  


Business First

It makes us a little crazy when we see consultants who know everything about their area of technical specialization but nothing about the business that tool is supporting.  Even our most hardcore techno-geeks focus first on understanding the business process and goals so that they can marry technology with business.

Balance Perfection with Practicality

We have to confess that we have more than our fair share of idealists on our team.  So, they will be able to envision the best possible way to achieve your goals.  At the same time, because of our long experience in the real world as an IT team we know that time and money often dictate something less than that pie-in-the-sky ideal.  We've become masters at knowing when it makes sense to compromise and when something really should be done the "right" way.

Engage with Passion

We will be advocates for you, whether that's challenging the status quo or battling a vendor who's not coming through for you.  Our team becomes truly engaged in every project they work on.  They start with a profound curiosity and interest in your business and then develop a solid understanding of your business processes and goals so that they can develop solutions that really work for you.

Everyone Loves Show & Tell

While we value documenting processes and requirements, we know that when it comes to making decisions, nothing works as well as actually seeing a solution in action.  We will show you sample best practice solutions and then will do development in chunks so that you can see how the new system really works and adjust it along the way.  No black box here!  See the Project Approach page for more on our agile methodology.